Suzuki Vehicle Service Brisbane

Capped Price Service

When you buy an eligible new Suzuki from 1 May 2013, you can have peace of mind knowing your Scheduled Maintenance Service costs are capped for 5 years. A wide range of Suzuki vehicles come with low capped price service costs for 5 years, so you’ll know up front the low price of one log book service to the next. It’s just one example of the advantages of Suzuki Capped Price Service.


Your Scheduled Maintenance Service costs are capped for up to 5 Years / 100,000km


Competitively priced factory-backed servicing


All service work is undertaken by factory-trained technicians using the latest Suzuki diagnostic equipment


Enhance your vehicle’s long-term reliability, safety and re-sale value


Only your Suzuki Dealer can update your vehicle’s factory software


Your vehicle is eligible for a 5 Year / 140,000km Extended Warranty*

Vehicle 6 months / 10,000km 12 months / 20,000kms 18 months / 30,000kms 24 months / 40,000kms 30 months / 50,000kms 36 months / 60,000kms 42 months / 70,000kms 48 months / 80,000kms 54 months / 90,000kms 60 months / 100,000kms
Alto $199 $199 $199 $289 $199 $199 $199 $289 $199 $199
Swift $199 $199 $199 $289 $199 $199 $199 $289 $199 $199
SX4 $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249
Kizashi $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249
APV $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249 $249 $295 $249 $249
Jimny $269 $269 $269 $299 $269 $269 $269 $299 $269 $269
Vitara^ $269 $269 $269 $299 $269 $269 $269 $299 $269 $269

Suzuki Diagnostic Equipment

Genuine Suzuki Servicing ensures your vehicle is diagnosed by authorised Suzuki trained technicians using the Suzuki Diagnostics Tool (SDT). It’s the only system that can accurately monitor your Suzuki under real driving conditions.

Zupps Mt Gravatt Suzuki know Suzuki vehicles better than anyone through their day-to-day servicing. They are equipped with special Suzuki diagnostic and repair instruments, which ensure accurate diagnosis and faster service times.

Software for the computerised Suzuki Diagnostic Tool is regularly updated to ensure that Suzuki technicians have the most advanced applications and functions. That is why they can accurately identify possible causes of problems reported by customers and replace only the parts that need replacing.


Factory Trained Technicians

The benefits of maintaining your vehicle through an authorised dealership and technicians that have undergone the latest factory training ensures you retain maximum resale potential, with industry leading low ownership costs.

Suzuki prides itself on the reliability of its vehicles, and the most effective way to keep up the reliability of your vehicle is with service and maintenance undertaken by your local authorised Suzuki Dealership. Having your vehicle serviced at Zupps Mt Gravatt Suzuki ensures that your vehicle is maintained by an expert technician.

Zupps Mt Gravatt Suzuki have expertly trained technicians, which are well qualified to service Suzuki vehicles. Technicians at Zupps Mt Gravatt Suzuki continuously update their skills by taking courses on technical, diagnostic and repair issues.

*To be eligible for the 5 Year/140,000km Extended Warranty, the vehicle must have had all standard scheduled services undertaken by authorised Suzuki Dealers as specified under the 'Maintenance for Normal Operating Conditions' schedule detailed in the Warranty and Service Logbook, up to 40 months from the date of vehicle delivery. For terms and conditions please click here.

^Does not include Grand Vitara Diesel. *To be eligibile for  the 5 Year/140,000km extended warranty, the vehicle must have had all standard scheduled services undertaken by an authorised Suzuki dealer as specified under the 'maintenance for normal operating conditions' schedule detailed in the Warranty & Service logbook, up to 40 months from the date of vehicle delivery.